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For The Glory Or Because Of The Glory?

Was just having some quiet time with the Lord and He spoke this to me. He said, "For the glory or because of the glory?" We all know the song, "For your glory I will do anything..." We all love that song, but will you really? Some of us would verbally say, "YES! “But your heart cries,"NAH!”

This is a message to the leaders!

Do you lead to bring glory to Him or to draw attention to you? It’s time to sit down and consider some things. Examine yourself.

Now, it’s no secret that there are some who are simply churchgoers that refuse to let the Word of God saturate their hearts, so they settle for your Words. Sometimes the two may coincide. They don’t know the difference because they’ve failed to establish a relationship with Christ, so all of “your” words are golden. They get all gassed up on clichés & cute sayings, and start quoting you in their Facebook statuses. They just start singing your praises! Now this is where the rubber meets the road. Will you kindly inform them that the glory belongs to God and not you? Will you let them know that He is the King and that you are just a mere servant? Will you tell them that they should open their hearts to God and listen for His voice instead of yours? Or, will you accept the glory? See, we are human and accolades are dope to us. Be honest, you want to be recognized for what you contribute! That’s cool, but is it your fuel? Are you doing it for His glory or BECAUSE of the glory that’ll come to you for doing something “in His name”? Please understand that ANYBODY can loose sight when our focus is shifted from Him. Leaders, you can NOT allow people to give you God’s glory no matter how good it feels. Look over in Acts 12 and you’ll see that King Herod dropped dead for the same thing! Don’t you be next. God will share His glory with no one. Check your motives. Check your heart. Will you reject your glory for His glory to be revealed? Don’t answer this question with your mouth. Answer it with your heart, and then your actions will demonstrate your willingness to lead people to Him.

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